Curriculum Vitae

Jack Simpson
Computational Biology PhD 2017


2017- | Data Scientist | Port Jackson Partners

  • I am currently working as a data scientist at Port Jackson Partners.

2014-2017 | Graduate Researcher | Australian National University

  • Developed a new methodology using computer vision to quantify honeybee behaviour.
  • My research experience has developed my ability to understand extremely technical research papers and synthesise their key findings into my own technical reports.
  • I wrote my image analysis software in C++ and used machine learning to train the computer to distinguish different patterns in the tags I used on the bees.
  • Developed a MySQL database in order to analyse large datasets using Python.

2013-2016 | Course Tutor | Australian National University

  • Delivered tutorials to classes of up to thirty students for courses in molecular biology and software development.

2013-2014 | Researcher | CSIRO

2013 | Researcher | CSIRO & Australian National University

  • My research documented the genetic and morphological diversity of a parasitic mite representing a significant threat to the honeybee industry.
  • My analysis of the data I collected provides a foundational understanding of the baseline diversity of this species.

2012 | Researcher | University of the Sunshine Coast & Kanazawa University

  • Wrote Python scripts to identify conserved regions within viral genomes over the summer break. My program identified regions of viral genomes that were unique to different types of virus.
  • Worked on a project where I learned how to elicit the proboscis extension reflex of the honeybee. Project involved weeks of work requiring intense concentration where I trained the bees to associate a scent with a sucrose reward.

2011-2012 | Web Developer | University of the Sunshine Coast

  • Converted course content into HTML/CSS mark-up
  • Undertook an upgrade of the university’s journalism website, involving the conversion of their video player from Flash to HTML5, transferring the website across to a new server and updated site layout
  • Project involved me working with a mix of PHP, JavaScript and HTML/CSS.
  • I also designed websites in Photoshop and developed their HTML/CSS front-end for the Office of Learning and Teaching.

2011 | Web Developer | Pumpmaster

  • Maintained the company website and developed JavaScript store location web applications and water pump measurement conversion tools.
  • Raised the Google page rank of the website by integrating social media into the site and adding regular content.


2015-2017 | Co-founder | Recomeal

  • Finalist in the 2015 Innovation ACT business competition.
  • My team worked on developing a business plan for a healthy meal planning app for university students. We surveyed over 200 students at self-catered colleges and interviewed key stakeholders within the university system including the heads of colleges and researchers who specialised in diet and nutrition.
  • After the initial research phase, my role has been to develop the technical capabilities of the company. This has involved me setting up a MySQL database and developing a RESTful API in Python.

2016-2017 | Co-founder | BioSky

  • Established BioSky as a site dedicated to  making research papers, clinical trials and biological concepts accessible to people without a scientific background.
  • Have written and edited multiple articles which are available at

2015-2017 | Co-convener | COMBINE

  • Organised programming, bioinformatics and machine learning workshops and training events for researchers at institutions within Canberra, including ANU, CSIRO and UC.
  • The project management experience gained from planning and teaching at these events taught me a lot about coordinating with stakeholders including university admin, researchers, students and external contractors such as catering companies.
  • Taught multiple workshops to scientists on Python and R.
  • I developed a machine learning workshop to introduce programmers to core concepts in machine learning like splitting training and testing datasets, visualizing your data and using techniques like SVM to train a classifier.
  • Some of my friends from Software Carpentry were able to teach a workshop with these materials at PyCon this year

2016 | Consulting Competition | ANU Consulting Society

  • Entered a consulting competition organised by PwC and the ANU Consulting Society to learn more about the consulting industry.
  • The team I was in collaborated closely to write a case report and give a presentation to PwC staff which resulted in us being amongst the top 4 teams selected to present to the PwC partners from more than 80 teams.

2016 | Participant | GovHack

  • Worked with a friend to clean a CSV file containing records of over 120,000 convicts and then visualised the journey they went on to come to Australia using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.


  • Tennis
  • Beekeeping
  • Writing
  • Programming



  • Python
  • R
  • C++
  • Image Analysis & OpenCV
  • Machine Learning
  • Databases & SQL
  • HTML & CSS
  • Javascript

Research & Analysis

  • Research & Problem Solving
  • Project management
  • Communicating technical information in an accessible way.
  • Data analysis and statistics
  • Research and the ability to write technical reports
  • Presentation skills

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