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Curriculum Vitae

by Jack Simpson

Data science consultant working in strategy consulting with extensive experience in multiple industries including energy, government, aged care, travel, property, education, and retail.

PhD in computational biology where I gained experience writing image processing software and training machine learning models to distinguish between patterns in tags I designed.

Proven track record solving complex business problems by identifying, acquiring, cleaning, linking, and analysing multiple datasets.


2019-Present | Senior Data Scientist | Port Jackson Partners
2017-2019 | Data Scientist | Port Jackson Partners

  • Liaised with partners and teams to independently solve any data and analytics challenges that they faced on numerous projects across multiple industries. A select few (that I am permitted to publicly disclose) are listed below.
  • Rapidly cleaned up terabytes of complicated and messy data from the National Energy Market so that we could assist a major client in the steel industry understand and manage the risks of one of their major costs. After the project was completed, I invested my down-time in building a curated version of this dataset which I have gone on to utilise on multiple projects for industry and government clients.
  • Cleaned and processed the database of an energy retailer in order to extract granular customer profitability characteristics and developed an interactive visualisation tool so that the client could explore the large dataset. I have since gone to develop multiple visualisation tools for clients and internal teams.
  • Identified regions where a microgrid could be developed by linking Geoscience Australia’s data on the locations of transmission lines with PSMA Australia’s G-NAF dataset containing all the addresses in Australia, and population data from the 2016 Census provided by the ABS.
  • Developed a model to predict how well a school performed on the NAPLAN standardised test by engineering features from school characteristics and spatial data. Ran simulations using the model to test the impact of different features on the score the model predicted.

2014-2017 | PhD Researcher | Australian National University

  • Developed a new methodology using computer vision to quantify honeybee behaviour
  • Wrote image analysis software in C++ and used machine learning to train the computer to distinguish different patterns in the tags I used on the bees
  • Analysed large datasets with SQL and Python, and utilised Python’s NetworkX library to understand the social interactions of honeybees

2013-2016 | Course Tutor | Australian National University

  • Delivered tutorials to classes of up to thirty students for courses in molecular biology and software development.

2013-2014 | Summer Research Project | CSIRO

2013 | Honours Researcher | CSIRO & Australian National University

  • My research documented the genetic and morphological diversity of a parasitic mite representing a significant threat to the honeybee industry.


2014-2017 | PhD Computational Biology | Australian National University

  • Australian Postgraduate Award Scholarship

2013 | Bachelor of Science (Honours) | Australian National University

  • First Class Honours


2015-2017 | Co-founder | Recomeal

  • Finalist in the 2015 Innovation ACT business competition.
  • My team worked on developing a business plan for a healthy meal planning app for university students. We surveyed over 200 students at self-catered colleges and interviewed key stakeholders within the university system including the heads of colleges and researchers who specialised in diet and nutrition.
  • After the initial research phase, my role has been to develop the technical capabilities of the company. This has involved me setting up a MySQL database and developing a RESTful API in Python.

2016-2018 | Co-founder | BioSky

  • Established BioSky as a site dedicated to  making research papers, clinical trials and biological concepts accessible to people without a scientific background.
  • Have written and edited multiple articles which are available at biosky.co/author/jacksimpson.

2015-2017 | Co-convener | COMBINE

  • Organised programming, bioinformatics and machine learning workshops and training events for researchers at institutions within Canberra, including ANU, CSIRO and UC.
  • The project management experience gained from planning and teaching at these events taught me a lot about coordinating with stakeholders including university admin, researchers, students and external contractors such as catering companies.
  • Taught multiple workshops to scientists on Python and R.
  • I developed a machine learning workshop to introduce programmers to core concepts in machine learning like splitting training and testing datasets, visualizing your data and using techniques like SVM to train a classifier.
  • Some of my friends from Software Carpentry were able to teach a workshop with these materials at PyCon this year

2016 | Consulting Competition | ANU Consulting Society

  • Entered a consulting competition organised by PwC and the ANU Consulting Society to learn more about the consulting industry.
  • The team I was in collaborated closely to write a case report and give a presentation to PwC staff which resulted in us being amongst the top 4 teams selected to present to the PwC partners from more than 80 teams.

2016 | Participant | GovHack

  • Worked with a friend to clean a CSV file containing records of over 120,000 convicts and then visualised the journey they went on to come to Australia using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.


  • Tennis
  • Beekeeping
  • Writing
  • Programming



  • Python
  • R
  • C++
  • Image Analysis & OpenCV
  • Machine Learning
  • Databases & SQL
  • HTML & CSS
  • Javascript

Research & Analysis

  • Research & Problem Solving
  • Project management
  • Communicating technical information in an accessible way.
  • Data analysis and statistics
  • Research and the ability to write technical reports
  • Presentation skills