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Big Battery Bidding and Rebidding!

by Jack Simpson

In the National Electricity Market (NEM), power stations can bid in their availability in 10 different pricing tranches. They’re able to rebid this availability right up until dispatch is run.

Recently, I was exploring this bidding data and thought I’d take a peak at what the bidding behaviour of the Hornsdale (Tesla) battery looked like in the energy market.

I’d known for a while that the big batteries did a lot of rebidding, but I was blown away by just how frequent it was! In a single day (2019-01-01) the battery made almost 13,500 rebids! In fact, for the first interval of the day, the battery made almost 300 rebids in the week leading up to dispatch.

I do find it interesting how they appeared to be doing so many identical rebids – I suspect there must be some automated process going on that will rebid in all markets regardless of whether the rebid in a particular market is any different to the bid that it replaced.

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