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Optimisation and Energy Modelling Talks From JuliaCon 2021

by Jack Simpson

Since the energy sector is full of optimisation problems, I thought I’d share some talks from JuliaCon 2021 that touch on the topic.

Modelling Australia’s National Electricity Market with JuMP

Scalable Power System Modelling and Analysis

UnitCommitment.jl Security-Constrained Unit Commitment in JuMP

Julia Admittance: A Toolbox for Admittance Extraction


Gasmodels,jl: Optimization for Natural Gas Systems in Julia

Power Market Tool (POMATO)

A Brief Introduction to InfrastructureModels

AnyMOD.jl: A Julia package for creating energy system models

Unbalanced Power Flow Optimization

Solving optimization problems at Fonterra

Modeling Bilevel optimization problems with BilevelJuMP.jl

ConstraintSolver.jl – First constraint solver written in Julia

The state of JuMP

Hybrid Strategies using Piecewise-Linear Decision Rules

Put some constraints into your life with JuliaCon(straints)

Infinite-Dimensional Optimization with InfiniteOpt.jl

Solving Optimization Problems with Embedded Dynamical Systems

FrankWolfe.jl: scalable constrained optimization

Conic optimization example problems in Hypatia.jl

Cerberus: A solver for mixed-integer programs with disjunctions

Linear programming by first-order methods

vOptSolver: an ecosystem for multi-objective linear optimization

Global constrained nonlinear optimisation with interval methods

NExOS.jl for Nonconvex Exterior-point Operator Splitting

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