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Where to learn C++

by Jack Simpson

C++ is the most recent language I’ve acquired, and while I certainly still have a lot to learn, I’ve gained a reasonable understanding from the following free resources online:

  1. LearnCpp.com – Learn C++
  2. tutorialspoint – The C++ Programming Language
  3. cplusplus.com – C++ Language
  4. XoaX.net – C++ Video Tutorials
  5. Google Developers – C++ Class
  6. Cprogramming.com – Programming Tutorials – C, C++, OpenGL, STL
  7. University of Southern Queensland – Object oriented programming in C++
  8. Stephan T Lavavej – Core C++
  9. Professor Peter Sommerlad – Modern and Lucid C++ for Professional Programmers
  10. Software Design Using C++


I was recently alerted to the fact that some of these resources can contain incorrect information/bad practices. Here’s a great list of C++ resources which have been vetted by the reddit learnprogramming community. One recommended resource is a book titled “C++ Primer 5th edition”. It was published in 2012 so it covers the C++11 standard.

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