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Best resources for learning OpenCV (Python and C++)

by Jack Simpson

Here’s a list of some of the websites, books and videos (for both Python and C++), that I have found very useful while learning OpenCV.


  1. Using OpenCV with Python and ROS (Video) – Great introduction to computer vision and OpenCV.
  2. PyImageSearch – Website has a lot of great tutorials on many different applications of OpenCV.
  3. OpenCV-Python Tutorials (Website) – Official Python documentation and tutorials.
  4. OpenCV-Python Tutorials (Website) – Comprehensive set of tutorials.
  5. OpenCV Python (Website) – The original Python tutorials I started with, most of these have been ported to the website above.
  6. OpenCV 3 With Python (Website) – Great list of Python tutorials.
  7. Tentative NumPy Tutorial (Website) – As OpenCV reads images into NumPy arrays, its useful to have an understanding of this library.
  8. Python – Getting started with OpenCV (Website) – Introduction to using Python with OpenCV.
  9. Programming Computer Vision with Python (Book) – How to use Python to build computer vision programs.
  10. OpenCV Computer Vision with Python (Book) – Short book on getting started with OpenCV and Python.
  11. Building an image processing pipeline with Python (Video) – Talk about how Python and OpenCV are used in industry.


  1. Learn OpenCV By Examples (Website) – This website has many excellent tutorials and code examples.
  2. OpenCV Tutorials (Website) – The official OpenCV C++ tutorials.
  3. Qt and openCV (Website) – This blog has a lot of great posts covering machine learning in OpenCV.
  4. OpenCV Documentation (Website) – Official documentation of the OpenCV library.
  5. Learning OpenCV (Book) – Really good book if you’re just getting started with computer vision and OpenCV.
  6. Practical OpenCV (Book) – Another great resource for getting started with OpenCV.
  7. Mastering OpenCV with Practical Computer Vision Projects (Book) – Useful once you’ve got a handle on the basics and start trying to build something a bit more advanced.
  8. OpenCV 2 Computer Vision Application Programming Cookbook (Book) – Similar to Mastering OpenCV – great book once you’ve got a reasonable understanding of OpenCV.
  9. CV Reference Manual (Website) – Good reference for a lot of OpenCV functions.

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